Attention to detail

Inspired by the iconic image of Pac-Man and taken into consideration its petite body, our designers have innovatively turned the SELECT button into the shape of Pac-Man and enabled ZERO to be carried as a fine accessory for your key ring or bag by giving it a tiny yet firm hinge hole.

8Bitdo ZERO 8Bitdo ZERO 8Bitdo ZERO
Pac-Man shaped SELECT button Fine hinge hole


Having kept the same curved body and smooth surface as FC30 Pro, 8bitdo has successfully reduced the size of ZERO to only 1/4 of an iPhone6. Moreover, considering the ease to use, our designers have positioned the D-pad and four face buttons at the most comfortable place for your fingers.

Nice to touch and hold

A considerate amount of care has been taken into the design and making of ZERO
A number of changes have been made just to make it right
Satisfaction in using it is our ultimate goal

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