8Bitdo ZERO

It might have the best appearance yet takes up no space.

With its petite body and delicate design, ZERO can be carried around as an ornament on your key ring. Its length is shorter than half of that of an iPhone 6, its size is less than 1/6 of a XBOX controller. Having a standard D-pad, four face buttons and 2 shoulder buttons (L1 & L2), ZERO allows you to play a vast variety of games.

8Bitdo ZERO 8Bitdo ZERO
Easy to carry Simple yet exquisite

Compatible with

Compatible with Mac OS, iOS (iCade), Android and Windows. Moreover, iPhone,iPod itouch,iPad
SAMSUNG Note,Galaxy series, Xiaomi, Meizu series, Android tablet, PC, etc...

8Bitdo ZERO

Shutter Button
Capture the precious moments for you with just one click

ZERO has the Bluetooth remote shutter which is compatible with Android / iOS.
Turn on the device by pressing the SELECT button
switch on the camera on your smartphone, then simply click on it.
Easy and straightforward, it makes taking a selfie so much more fun now!

Compatible with Camera APP Bluetooth connection Wireless
8Bitdo ZERO 8Bitdo ZERO

ZERO redefines the D-pad and gives your thumb
the smoothest sensation it has been craving for.

Its four-way design enhances the control precision and allows unparalleled accuracy with every move. In addition, the application of silicon as the chosen material has made it softer to press.
Inspired by NAMCO’s Pac-Man, the Select button has been designed into the shape of its iconic image. The four-face buttons are also made of silicon to ensure the soft touch and button resilience. The material has been through a rigorous assessment by professionals and the speed of its rebound after being pressed has been fixed at the required level for the right strength.

Silicone Design Professionals accustomed
8Bitdo ZERO 完美支持安卓大型游戏 8Bitdo ZERO 完美支持安卓大型游戏 8Bitdo ZERO 完美支持安卓大型游戏 8Bitdo ZERO 完美支持安卓大型游戏

Multiple player option

You will not fight alone any more! ZERO allows multiple players to join in one game! (Two players max for iOS and Mac OSX; Three and more players for Windows) (Also compatible with Xiaomi, Androi)...

Multiple player availability Two players for iOS max The more, the merrier
8Bitdo FC30 Pro 支持单设备多打 8Bitdo FC30 Pro 支持单设备多打

ZERO provides you with the perfect assistance with Android operated games.

No need for compatibility conversion.
Games - Final Fantasy, Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5, Assassin's Creed II, Backstab, Wild Blood, GTA5, Need for Speed 17, Dead Trigger2, and more.

8Bitdo FC30 Pro 完美支持安卓大型游戏 FC30 Pro 完美支持安卓大型游戏

High speed CPU, no delay!

If you are still concerned with the delay caused by your inconsistent wireless connection
our smart built-in ARM 32 solves the problem for you by its fast Bluetooth data reprocessing ability.

8Bitdo ZERO

Multiple Modes

In order to be compatible with a wide variety of operating systems
ZERO has a decent range of built-in modes which it work as multiple devices - a game pad, a keyboard, iCade, a touch screen, a camera shutter button, etc.

Long-life battery

20 hour capacity with just one hour of recharging

“Optimization - it gives the mini body with a 180mAH battery a long life”

Tailor-made silicon conductor

With over 100 samples being made and approved of by ten experienced suppliers, ZERO has achieved its 1 degree angel for the spine and 1g elasticity. Our chosen material for the body - high quality silicon - can endure hundreds of thousands of clicks. The finished products are strictly tested and assessed before each delivery.

Pressure tested Quality tested

Compatible with the mainstream game platform

It’s easy to find a suitable game for Zero, it is compatible with Google standard I/O.
Support third part game platform, such as: Grapes game room, Baidu video games, micro game room, chick simulator, KO game arcade, onion and other mainstream game arcade hall ..

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