SNES30 GamePad Firmware Download

Note: Make sure the GamePad battery is NOT empty! If empty, use USB cable charge it.

Upgrade firmware from PC
  • 1. Turn ON: Hold down START+L+R for 3 seconds. Green+Blue LED will be flashing.
  • 2. Connect SNES30 with PC’s USB port with a USB cable.
  • 3. Download the SNES30 upgrade software from official website and run update.exe file.
  • 4. Select firmware file bluetooth_firmware.dat and update.
    • 2016-10-26
      Firmware v2.70 for Windows & MacOS
    • 1.Support remapping the buttons by the RemapTools on Gamepad Mode(Power on with START button).
    • NOTE: RemapTools runs on PC.
    • 2016-08-06
      Firmware v2.68 for Windows & MacOS
    • 1.Joystick Mode(Hold START button power on) support OSX.
    • 2.Enhanced the stability of the Bluetooth automatic connection.
    • 3.Enhanced the stability of automatic connection with the Retro Receiver NES.
    • 4.Make the LED blink much quicker when the controller is in auto-connect status.
    • 2015-06-06
      Firmware v2.61 for Windows & MacOS
    • 1: Added the START + L mode (support RETRON5 console).
      Note: L + R + A + B as the Home key of the RETRON5 console.
      Y = +
      B = -
      X = <
      A = v
      L = L
      R = R
    • 2015-05-19
      Firmware v2.52 for Windows & MacOS
    • 8Bitdo GamePad Firmware v2.52
    • 1.Modified Mode 2 (START+B+R) secondly key code. D-Pad change from arrow key to normally letter, in order work with emulator better.
    • 2.Added PC Joystick mode(power up START+R and connect to PC). D-Pad works as Joystick D-Pad, not a keyboard arrow key.