The first

portable full buttons controller with Crissaegrim breathing light.

Design inspiration:

I am the designer Welin Li. This concept came from the famous game Castlevania: symphony of the night. This game released at 1997 on PS. I was a young boy at that time and crazy in the game, I collected ALL items, ALL weapons, ALL equipment in the game, spent tons of time in it. I can said I am one of the most Castlevania fans in the world. When I began to design NES30 Pro, I thought being a portable controller, handing a curved edge will be more comfortable, and I realized that the ultimate weapon ‘Crissaegrim’ in Castlevania is in blue curved. So, the most cool breathing light was born.

8Bitdo NES30 Pro 支持平台 NES30 Pro 支持平台 NES30 Pro

Simple & Beauty, shell screwless design

No screw holes at the back shell design, beautiful and simple. Back cover has done a fine texture processing, drying grain leather, anti-slip hand, resistance to scratches.

支持平台 NES30 Pro 支持平台 NES30 Pro

Inconceivable portability

The first full buttons portable game controller in the world.
Power CPU+RAM, upgradeable firmware
Inherit NES retro design, merge fashion technology elements, Crissaegrim breathing light.
Support Android , iOS(iCade) ,Windows , MacOS.

The first potable
full button controller.

Slim portable design, light size but still has ergonomic shape.
Anytime, anywhere put into your pocket.

The ultimate feel, perfect control

Classic D-Pad with enhanced design, keep NES style and fixed sharp edges.
GamePad with curved edge design, ergonomic more comfortable.
More that ten professional player tested and adjsut.

支持平台 NES30 Pro 支持平台 NES30 Pro 支持平台 NES30 Pro
Learn more about Specs > The next section, you will know hardware specification , the appearance of size, such as some accessories and packaging information, front panels and so on. NES30 pro