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  • iOS
  • Windows
  • MacOS
Q: USB connection support smart phone?
A: Yes. USB connection can be used for Android smart phone (needed OTG cable), but mostly people connect through Bluetooth wireless connection.
Q: How to connect two players?
A: One power on with START+B, the other power on with START+B+R. Both working in mode 2, but with different key code, easy for you to map in game.
Q: What is Emu-Mouse in 8Bitdo APP?
A: This operation can Emu-Mouse, support STG games.
Q: What platform support?
A: support Android, iOS, Ali cloud OS, Windows, Mac OSX
Q: How to do if controller ‘dead’?
A: Reset it. Hold down the power button for 8 seconds can reset.
Q: Why asking to type the numbers, such as "39475"?
A: Because FC30/NES30 try to connect the latest device. Please hold Bluetooth button for more than 3 seconds, when both LEN blink once. It will clean last connection.
Q: Each color of light is what does this mean?
Blue lights flash: waiting for a connection
Blue light (5 seconds after breathing): Bluetooth Connected
Green flash: Charging
Red flashing: low battery need to be recharged
Lights off:: No LED lights active: Power off or Sleep mode. (press D-Pad or ABXY wake up from sleep mode)
Q: Need to update the firmware?
A: More powerful function released with new firmware. Firmware can be downgrade too.
Q: How to charging?
A: You can use a computer, cell phone charger or other USB charging equipment is also available. Do not exceed the voltage 5V 2A.

Q: No reaction after connected except Analog sticker?
A: If connected in Mode 2, no letter can be typed in a input box, that mean there is no Bluetooth HID driver, please try to flash third system.
Q: Why can not pair my phone or tablet?
A: Normally, it’s MTK cpu, please use 8Bitdo APP and work Mode 4 to support.
Q: Why can not use order mode after use mode 4?
A: After using Mode 4 and you wish to use Mode 1, 2 or 3, you will need to clear pairing information at system Bluetooth first and then scan, pair again.
Q:Why there is no input method when connected in mode 2?
A:Yes. It will. If you want to type, please disconnect.
Q: How can I know the game support controller?
A: Just try it in mode 1, if don’t works, that mean this game does not support controller, please try mode 4.


Q: Why connect to PC with USB cable without reaction?
A: Please turn on NES30 Pro power first and then insert into USB port.
Q: If PC no Bluetooth?
A: Use a USB Bluetooth adapter.
Q: How if connected as a Xinput 360 controller failed on PC?
A: Most of the computer can install driver automatic, if no, please download from here: http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/zh-cn/downloads
Q: If a PC game do not support controller, only keyboard?
A: Please use XPad tools. http://www.8bitdo.com/xpad.html
Q: Support multiplayer on PC?
A: Yes.
Q: How to update firmware?
A:1.Hold power button and pair button untile yellow LED blink.
2. Connect to PC via USB cable. 
3. Run 8Bitdo_update program.
4. Click USB Update button and select firmware file.

Q: What is the best emulator?
A: OpenEmu.
Q: How to connect 2 controllers to Mac?
A: One power on with POWER+B, the other power on with POWER+B+R. Both working in mode 2, but with different key code, easy for you to map with OpenEmu.
Q: How if game support Keyboard only?
A: Please use XPad tools. http://www.8bitdo.com/xpad.html